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Evil Overlord (To-Do) List

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Collaborative Writing Space: The Epic Adventure Starts Here!

-Make a character
-Provide a one paragraph origin story for your hero or villain. Both are welcome!!! Make sure that the role or traits of your character are clearly specified. To include strengths and weaknesses. Once you feel your hero or villain is ready, please leave your name at the end of the character build.

Once there are enough participants we can begin. Keep in mind that as a science fiction club our adventures will have to relevant. Build your characters to that theme and have fun! We can brainstorm basic quests to kick start things, but strong characters should be the focus and enjoying the process of writing together.

Character Roles- optional-fabricating your own or making a subclass is okay.

The Soldier- Charismatic, tactful, and cooperative.
The Smuggler- Sly, adaptable, and skillful.
The Doctor- Dependable, experienced, does no harm.
The Inventor-Knowledgeable, tinkerer, confident.
The Bounty Hunter/ Assassin- Ruthless, independent, competitive.
The Revolutionist- Strong Resolve, persistent, outlier.

There does not need to be a Game Master, but if the party decides they want to have one there are a few ideas below.

Game Master Character Roles If Applicable

-Black Market Merchant- You are a king managing a vast network of unimaginable wealth and you always want more. Send teams of smugglers on daring heists to gain your glory. There will be casualties of course, but they can be replaced easily.
-Commander- You like order and followers who are subordinate. Failure is unacceptable.
-God- Being God is fun and leading your disciples to victory or very amusing deaths is yours to make. You’re God after all.
-Squad Leader- You are close to the members of your group, who hopefully balance out. Lead your team as you see fit, but your choices might put you in danger if no one is left to watch your back.


Character: Flambax The Destroyer: (Revolutionist)

Origin: Flambax was born on a planet that was designated as a space dump by the [Hero’s Council] to reduce pollution on beautiful worlds. He spent most of his time sorting scrap metal that would be cast into the planet’s core. This strenuous work made him extraordinarily strong. After learning that other worlds thrived because of his suffering he starts a valiant revolution. The rest of the planet followed Flambax after he threw a peace officer into the planet’s core, which earned him his title, The Destroyer.