Hey everyone, I'm Matt, the SF club president, and this is my member page. I will be putting some content here like recommended science fiction and my personal hobbies when I have the time.

Favorite SF: I'm going to need several sub-categories for this.

Movies: The Matrix, Fight Club, Gattaca, Man of Steel, and Star Wars.

TV Series: Firefly, Arrow, and Agents of Shield, The Walking Dead, and Star Trek.

Video Games: Bioshock (That includes System Shock.) Halo, Starcraft, and The Last of Us.

Books: Anything by Matthew Woodring Stover, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, and anything by Philip K. Dick,

Short Stories: Pretty much the same as the favorite book listing, though throw in the Sandkings by George R.R. Martin.

Hobbies: Reading, writing, in-depth discussion of cool stuff, and table-top gaming.

This page will get more work done to it when I have the time.

Sometimes, I have a hard time relating to people. This is because I see the world in a comparatively odd way; I view it through the lens of the heroic journey as undertaken by each and every person. I've found a great deal of similar ideas expressed in various places that have contributed to this. For this reason I became known as the "Campbell-Stover-Nietzsche guy." Thankfully that abortion of a nickname (No offense Togusa. :) ) has been done away with for something more succinct and appropriate. Some influences on how I see the world and the science fiction that it spawned -and writing in general- as follows:

Meister Eckhart

Carl Jung

Joseph Campbell

St. Augustine

Freidrich Nietzsche

Aleister Crowley

Llewllyn Vaughan Lee

George MacDonald

Ayn Rand

Mark Twain

Chief Seattle

Favorite Random Quote of the Day: Because I enjoy quoting people in order to look smart; who doesn't? :) But no seriously I just thought this would be fun so I'm trying it out.

Going to start updating this more regularly so I'm not forced to rename it to Favorite Random Quote of the Week in order to stay honest. Not only am I going to start updating this, but I'll also start giving my thoughts on these quotes and why I chose them for the day. Why? Because quotes without context are dumb, and reasons are for peasants.