Our mission
To gather and celebrate science fiction movies, television, literature and video games.

We usually spend about an hour and a half watching/reading/playing a sci-fi fiction movie/show, short-story, or video game and discussing it afterwards.These activities are most-often chosen and run by club members.

What is Science Fiction?
Well, we have the Dictionary's definition: A literary genre that makes imaginative use of scientific knowledge and speculation in its plot, theme, etc. Well, that's great and all but what does that actually mean? Well, good science fiction, or SF, is speculative. It draws on known ideas and possibilities and allows one to look at and ask questions of possible futures.
Using this method, it allows one to explore various ideas and themes about what it means to be human. Good science fiction, therefore, is also grounded, even if that grounding is only within the setting of the story. Now, if the technology gets too out of control, it can get silly and stop making sense, or even worse, stop having value and start serving only as a method of moving the plot forward. There are a lot of things out there that fall into the category of SF, things like books, movies, games, short stories, plays, comics, webseries...any medium that you can imagine can serve as a vehicle for the SF genre.

Any LCC student is eligible to become a member.
You may become a member by attending three business meetings in a row and declaring your intent to become one.

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Club Officers

Club Advisor
Klint Hull (Togusa)

"Science fiction is fiction that revolves around science and technology that most times seems like it is possible we could eventually figure out and invent similar technology. Fantasy is stuff that in no way is it plausible to ever be able to happen but it is nice to read."- Robert Rose (former member)