Hello! My name is Brittany. I also go by Britt, or Aya. I am the Vice President of Science Fiction Club, and also former Recording Officer for the Anime Club, and former Webmaster and President for Science Fiction Club. I am also currently serving as Chief Justice for Associated Students of Lower Columbia College (ASLCC). I'm looking towards getting an Information Technology certificate.


I enjoy Marvel movies (and comics!), DC Animated Universe, Doctor Who and Futurama, but I'm also getting into Star Trek TOS. Outside of sci-fi, I'm also a huge Harry Potter fan, love Once Upon A Time, Game of Thrones and Gravity Falls. Yeah, I still watch cartoons. I am also a Disney fan, but I do believe Disney (or anything really) is not above critical analysis. I love almost anything to do with time travel, and love things based more on problem-solving or outsmarting rather than punching and blowing stuff up. Although I'm not exactly opposed to some well done action.


I also enjoy monkeying around on the Internet (mainly Tumblr), cooking, reading and writing. My favorite food is pasta. I also, despite my geekiness, have an interest in fashion and beauty. I'm no expert or anything, but I do like having a bit more fun with my clothing. I do have a bit of an "artist's spirit" despite not actually doing much art. As for my music tastes, I'm all over the place, with rock, pop, old country, musicals, hip-hop, "classical", I even have some Irish folk in there too.

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Feel free to chat with me, I like to consider myself relatively easygoing*!

*I said relatively easygoing, not relatively sane.